Nithiwadee Chitravas (Thavieng)

Life is not our destination, but our encounters a long the way

About Wan

I graduated with both a bachelor degree (honors) and a master degree in Library and Information Science.  After I graduated I had been working as a lecturer at various universities for 7 years and has become an Assistant Professor in Information Studies at Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand.  In addition, I also worked as a librarian at academic institution and the National Library of Thailand. I had resigned from my job in Thailand because a family commitment so I moved to Canberra.  Even though I resigned from being an academic in Thailand, I am still working as an Information Advisor at ANU library and also find a job that is related to academic training. 

I was born in the big town in the lower-northern part of Thailand called Phitsanulok but I am a country girl because I am not from Bangkok! My hobbies are cooking (Thai), making flower from clay, beading and chatting with friends and my old students.  

My topic interest  While I am working as an Information Advisor, focus on teamwork, workpleace diversity and Client-focused service environment

Teamwork.  Being a student representative at my universities (while I was studying my bachelor and master degree) enable me to have diverse experience in dealing with a wide range of people. Those experiences help me to cooperate with group of people and always reminds me to learn more and more about teamwork.  

Workplace Diversity. Having work and study at the ANU, I encountered people with great diversity.  Many of my friends came from different ethnic backgrounds; some of my best friends are from Russia and China.  Similarly at work I have colleagues from different cultures, gender, age and also work experience.  I think diversity is fantastic and the benefit is that we learn about each other’s different cultures.  I also think that diversity is key to a workplace that is riped with innovation and creativity.  Then my question is how we can manage workplace diversity.

Client-focused service environment. Working in services business such as libraries, universities or shop. A client-focused service is very important. Most of my research projects that I did before are about evaluated library services to make sure a client-focused service is happening in our environment. My focus is on how to improve high quality of services.   


One Response to “About Wan”

  1. ToN said

    โอ้ย…กว่าจะหาเจอตั้งนานต้นแทบแก่เลยครับ ไม่ได้เจออาจารย์ตั้งนานมากแล้ว ยังเหมือนเดิมทุกอย่างยังสวย หวานเหมือเดิมครับ คิดถึง และระลึกถึงทุกเวลา ไว้มีโอกาสจะไปกราบงามที่ ANU ครับ…Dear Ma’am, with love.

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