Nithiwadee Chitravas (Thavieng)

Life is not our destination, but our encounters a long the way

Emily’s birthday

Posted by wanny on October 6, 2006

Happy Birthday! Emily.  Today we celebrated Emily’s birthday at Menzies tea room (lunch).  Wan cooked Vegetarian Pad Thai – not the original one but it was not too bad?  Fonny cooked Tempe curry (Yummy Yummy).  

Sasaki, I know you wanted to have more Pad Thai and I appreciated everytime when you help me to finish my food.

Ying, I will teach you how to cook Thai food later you will enjoy learning my lesson.

Emily, don’t forget to check my writing and grammar for me.

Fonny, I love your food.  Hope to test another Indonesian food or snack this Sunday! If you don’t bring any you have to eat my snack bar (Hu Hu Hu)

Hey Guy we should have lunch together again, should’t we?  However, next time we hope Emily and Christina will finish their meeting early because Wan have to be on the desk at 1.00 p.m. every Friday!  We love chatting and eating so we need more time for this. 

Let me know if you want more home made chili! 


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